Jeanette Corbett, Roisin O'Farrell - Macmillan English Quest 1: Activity Book

Jeanette Corbett, Roisin O'Farrell - Macmillan English Quest 1: Activity Book
Macmillan English Quest 1: Activity Book
MACMILLAN ENGLISH QUEST is a fresh, lively primary series for young pupils learning English.The series is based on the idea that studying English is a voyage of real-world discovery. MACMILLAN ENGLISH QUEST 1 and 2 Pupil's Books are both story-based.The characters, with the help of their amazing magic computer game, go to different places and learn about people and cultures all over the world. MACMILLAN ENGLISH QUEST 1 has been specially written for classes where pupils are not expected to read and write in English. In MACMILLAN ENGLISH QUEST 2, reading and writing is gently introduced from Unit 3 onwards. Technology is featured throughout the series, through the characters, the stories and games, providing a familiar and motivating context for young language learners. There is a strong focus on CLIL, which provides pupils with interesting real-world contexts in which they can develop their language skills. The Animated Stories and Songs CD-ROM, packaged with the Pupil's Book, brings the stories to life and provides extra activities for use either in the classroom or at home. The Activity Books are full of fun and engaging activities, which pupils will enjoy and which will help consolidate the learning from the Pupil's Books. The Teacher's Books contain comprehensive teaching notes to fully support teachers who are working with MACMILLAN ENGLISH QUEST. There is a Digibook (a digital version of the Pupil's Book) for each level of MACMILLAN ENGLISH QUEST. This is packaged with the Teacher's Book and is designed to provide a more flexible range of teaching options in the classroom.
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Jeanette Corbett, Roisin O'Farrell
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